Terms and conditions

General Conditions for Sales via the Septentrio Internet Web Shop


  1. Absent an express agreement to the contrary, the entirety of the general conditions contained herein, to the exclusion of all others, are an integral part of every offer from the Septentrio web shop and all orders or agreements concluded via the Septentrio web shop.
  2. No derogation to or modification of the general conditions contained herein will be valid if not made in writing and accepted by both parties.

Price and costs

  1. All prices and charges on the Septentrio web shop include packaging shipping and insurance (CIP incoterms 2010 apply) costs but exclude VAT, other costs, bank charges, taxes, custom import tax duties, or other duties if applicable. The insurance covers the risk of damage or loss to the goods during the transportation to the client’s location.

  2. The prices are expressed in Euros. Any costs related to currency exchange are the responsibility of the client, unless otherwise stipulated in the offer.

Offers and orders

Septentrio will be bound by an offer it makes to the client only if the client accepts the offer within the time stipulated by Septentrio in the offer.


All payments on the Septentrio web shop need to be done immediately, with a debit or credit card for the order to be processed and shipped to the client.


  1. All flaws of damage to the product delivered or to the packaging existing at the time of receipt, must be mentioned by the client on the delivery note, invoice or transport documents otherwise, claims in this regard will not be taken into consideration.
  2. Claims other than those mentioned above in section 5.1 must be sent in a registered letter within 8 days of receipt of the products.


  1. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, the products will be delivered “CIP”, Leuven - Belgium. Late delivery by a freight forwarder shall not justify cancellation of the order. Partial delivery is allowed.
  2. The client is obligated to check the products delivered as well as the packaging upon delivery without any delay and to inform Septentrio of any flaws or visible damage.

Export Control and Regulatory Requirements

Product will not be shipped to any countries subject to embargo, export controls or other restrictions under any applicable law or regulation and that the buyer is not on a denied person or entity list. At Septentrio’s request, the buyer will sign a letter confirming that he/she or the company he/she works for complies with the regulatory requirements applying to each product as indicated in the respective product’s documentation (e.g. U.S. FCC or IC regulations).

Force majeure/Act of God

  1. The parties are not held responsible for the non-execution of their obligations if such non-execution is due to circumstances that cannot reasonably be controlled by the parties.
  2. Under Force Majeure/Act of God is understood the following non-exhaustive list: fire, extreme weather conditions, strike, lock-out, civil-war, riot and violence, lack of modules or components not due to the supplier, governmental rules making it impossible to continue production…


All documentation and technical information is confidential and shall not be disclosed to the third parties 

Applicable law and jurisdiction

  1. All contracts concluded with Septentrio are subject to Belgian law.
  2. The Courts of Leuven will have the exclusive jurisdiction over all the disputes arising in connection with these General Conditions.
  3. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to any transactions entered into between the parties.

Warranty and limitation of liability

  1. Septentrio warrants products (hardware and software) delivered hereunder against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of original purchase. During the warranty period, defective products, when returned to Septentrio with shipping prepaid, will be repaired or replaced at no charge. Repair or replacement is at Septentrio’s sole discretion and shall be the buyer’s exclusive remedy.  Repair shall only be performed according to Septentrio’s RMA (Return Material Authorization) procedure.
  2. This warranty does not apply in case the damage is due to misuse, neglect or accident or as the result of modification by anyone other than Septentrio.
  3. In no case Septentrio is liable for any special, incidental, punitive, direct, indirect or consequential damages, injuries, costs or for any loss or loss of profit arising out of the use or inability to use its products, even if Septentrio shall have been notified about the possibility of such loss or damage.
  4. Also in no case Septentrio is liable for any special, incidental, punitive, direct, indirect or consequential damages, injuries, costs or for any loss or loss of profit arising out of product failures and inaccurate information, caused by but not limited to shadowing, Selective Availability, signal hampering, interference, jamming, limited or no line of sight of the GNSS broadcast signal or multipath.
  5. The foregoing warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including without limitation any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose of non-infringement, and of any other obligation on the part of Septentrio.
  6. It shall be the responsibility of the buyer to ascertain the suitability of the goods for the intended use and/or their compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards. The buyer assumes all risks pertaining hereto.
  7. According to Belgian/Flemish export administration law, all goods exported from Belgium for use in a military or security application are considered as military goods, and hence subject to Belgian/Flemish export licensing. Buyer shall not import or export any of these Belgian/Flemish products for these applications without first determining the export classification of such products and shall strictly comply with responsibilities to obtain licenses to import or export products for such applications. In case Buyer cannot supply adequate documentation in time, in order to allow Septentrio n.v. to obtain necessary export licenses, Septentrio n.v. will not be liable for any damages or consequential damages due to the fact that it cannot ship the products as per Buyer’s request. The buyer assumes all risks pertaining hereto.